As I write, it’s Tuesday.  Probably the most unexciting day of the week, but for me, it’s special.  It’s the one day in my week that I have the house completely to myself for a while.  Husband working, one son at school, the other two at Grammie’s house.  No sounds but the air pouring through the vents and the dryer going.
I used to run errands on this day, but I try not to now.  I need the quiet more.  I work but while I work, I process, I listen, I think.
And He talks.


While I work with my hands, my ears are more open I find.  I think that applies to a lot of different circumstances.  You hear and process a lot when the hands are busy.  That can be a gift and a curse depending on what you choose to listen to and I don’t always choose well.   But lately I’ve turned off the morning shows and chosen to listen to podcasts and favorite authors-turned-keynote speakers.  Good choice, I think.

A few themes and ramble-y thoughts I can’t get away from:

–too much.  have too much.  consume too much.  spend too much.  tired too much.  urgent ruling too much.  important dismissed too much.  too much of things that don’t matter.  This is a theme that comes back to haunt me over and over in my life and I can’t help but think that’s because it needs to.

–them.  those that have too little.  too little food.  too little clothing.  too little safety.  too little family.  too little needs met.  too little noticed.  too little held.  too little loved.   I think about them and it wrecks me inside.  Over and over it does.   Josh and I cry.  We pray.  We ask.   Then the urgent and the stuff come and crowd in again.

–repentance.  more prayers.  more tears.  we’re sorry.  help us.  listening.

–making room.   carving out for quiet with Maker.   shoveling out the too much.   pressing down to stop the hemorrhage.   pressing through to see past the urgent.  pressing in to hear the Sweetest Voice.   pressing out hands to receive His help.


Not a lot of knowns and not a landscape view of the future.  But these few steps in front of us?  We know.  We know the first steps of obedience He calls us to take as He kneels in front of us with arms stretched out.  We know He’ll catch us.  We know we’re safe, though the first stepping is always hard.

And you?  In the quiet with hands that are busy?  What fills your head?   What do you hear?

Do you see Him knelt down in front of you with arms outstretched?  Do you know that you’re safe?