Whew!  I’m happy to see Monday today, because Monday means that I have a little time where I don’t have to be anywhere for awhile and can pull myself and the house back together.

After a weekend of laundry, haircuts, baby shower, dinner with family, church, advent calendar making and being reunited with my parents after their 10 day trip to Israel….I’m ready for this Monday quiet.

Let’s say hello!

Hello October

It’s starting to feel like fall around here.  Chilly mornings warm up to sunny afternoons in the 70′s and crisp clear air.  I LOVE fall in NC.  But…if you’ve been here long enough, you know that you can’t always count on it to stay that way right off the bat.  Today we head back into the 80′s.  The weather this weekend was so perfect, I think I’ll forgive it for being a little all over the place.

Hello to switching out our clothes.

I’m not gonna lie…I dread this task.  I got through  Zoe’s closet and now there are bags and bags of clothes in our hallway waiting for me to do something.  Where’s Mary Poppins when a girl needs her?!

Hello girl time

A couple things like wedding dress shopping and Mexican food with some great women is on the books for this week.  I’m a fan.  Zoe’s not meeting my girl-time needs yet.  {She’s in quite the, um… phase lately.}

Hello crunch time

Allume {are any of you going?} is just around the corner and right after that is the Kilgoris Marketplace.  Have you been to a conference before?  What do I need to do to be ready? I’ve heard about having plenty of business cards on hand and roommate gifts but that’s about all I know.  And by the time I get to Allume, I need to be pretty much ready for the market.

Hello to fall food

I saw an idea for pumpkin, apple soup with bacon in my Food Network Magazine.  I can’t stop thinking about it.  What fall foods are you making right now?

And so what are YOU saying hello to this week?


Saturday we went to a farm with our community group.

Think:  wide open spaces, sunshine, pumpkins, cider, corn pits to play in, tractor rides and ice cream.  It was wonderful.  In some ways, it was just what I needed.

Hello Marketplace week

Managing my stress has been such a challenge for me.  In the big picture of life, this week isn’t even worth a mention….but right now, it feels like Everest.  My to-do list isn’t even that bad and I’m not really behind.  There’s just a LOT to do.  I need to press in to Jesus as my source right now, but I struggle to not just charge on to the next thing.  Does that happen to you?  How do you stop the urgent from taking over?

{PS…if you’re local-ish to Charlotte, come see us this Friday {5-9pm} and Saturday {9-9pm} at The Kilgoris Marketplace! It will be at Kadi Fit and there will be cupcakes, coffee, beer, food, music and lots of fantastic handmade wares. I’m really excited about this event. Come say hi to me!}

Hello Sassy

Josh’s grandmother, Sassy as she’s appropriately nicknamed, turns 99 this week!!!  I feel so overcome with gratitude that I’ve gotten to know her over last 10 of those years.  She is independent {still lives by herself}, sharp as a tac, fiesty and funny….and has lots of stories to tell if you’ll sit down and ask her.

 I sure do love that lady.

Hello Halloween

I’m not gonna lie.  It’s my least favorite holiday and I’m pretty much always happy to see it go.  Just call me the halloween scrooge.  But we’ve taken the kids trick or treating the last few years {mainly to get to know our neighbors better} so the boys are really excited about being ninja’s and I can’t wait to see Zoe dressed up as a little pink owl.  Holidays like this is are so tricky for me, but we’re aware of our kids, we have lots of conversations and for now, we’re ok with what we do, knowing that we can change it whenever we want. What do you do?

Hello Soup and Bread

I looooove soup weather.  Pumpkin, tomato, chicken chili, pasta fagioli, vegetable and minestrone.  All served hot with big chunks of crusty bread.  And speaking of bread, I’m ready to start baking again!  It’s been awhile and I remember how centering it is to just measure, pour, mix, knead.   Oh, and the smells!  Mmmm. Do you have any go-to soup or bread recipes? I’m always on the hunt for new ones, but this knock off recipe for Great Harvest Bread Co. honey wheat bread is my favorite.

What are you saying hello to this week?