Independent.  Doesn’t follow instructions.  Doesn’t like to be bossed around.   First born.  Likes bossing others around.

Hi. I’m Dana.  Nice to meet you.

The fact that I would want to own and run my own business shouldn’t surprise me, but it has.  In fact, this whole idea was really just born out of my desire to stay home with my kids.

I have a degree in music education and taught music for 5 years.  By 2010, my husband and I had 2 boys and our schedule suffered with all the commuting to childcare, work, church and home.  My week was so broken up, I never felt like we had a consistent day.  Bottom line?  I wanted to be home with my boys and be able to set our schedule so that it served us.

That summer, my husband and I experienced the hardest financial period of our marriage.  It felt so awful at the time.  My husband, also a teacher, always works during the summer at another job and it had fallen through.  Our van needed a new transmission and we had had 2 wrecks earlier that year.  Our summer savings was gone… and yet, in the midst of all our panic, I had the audacity to dream of being able to quit teaching and stay home.  I know.  Very logical.  I am a picture of practicality.

I still look back at that summer with a little bit of  ”did that really happen?”  I would love to never go through that again, but the way we watched God provide for us is something I wouldn’t trade for the world.  Money and help came from the craziest places and without us asking.  It showed us how much people loved and cared about us.  And how God can bring resources out the most unlikely places.

What does this have to do with my shop?  Stay tuned…but in the mean time, have you ever dared to dream for something in the most impossible of circumstances?  What was it?