Time to slow down

I’m back!  And weirdly, my brain is mush.  We hit the ground running Monday morning with a summer bible camp for the boys each morning this week, unpacking, catching up on work, dealing with truck repairs…and apparently after a week of relaxing, I’m a delicate flower.  The cooking!  The driving!  The folding of clothes!

So since my words are pretty limited, I thought I would just unload pictures.  How’s that for a fancy blogger trick?

We started the week with Josh’s family in North Myrtle.  There are now 9 grandkids and 8 adults plus a dear friend who was visiting from Norway (she was an exchange student who lived with them for a year when Josh was a kid.  we love her.)

Here’s the one attempt at a picture with all 9 kids (notice only 8 are in the picture):



I didn’t do a great job of taking pictures but the week was filled with lots (and lots!) of hours on the beach watching the kids ride their boards in the waves, reading, eating at our favorite spots, watching movies, playing minecraft (the kids and Josh), playing putt-putt, riding rides, shopping, chatting, playing with cousins and resting.
As a really fun bonus, two families we love were at the beach the same week so we got to play on the beach and have early morning coffee and walks on the beach with them.  So fun.


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My mother-in-law goes quite the distance to take care of all of us and what a gift it was to not have to cook.  I felt that part of our vacation more this year than probably any other year.  Cooking dinner is just plain hard for me right now so I really soaked that up.
And to be honest, I decided to not fight the usual battles with my kids on screen time and junk food.  I wanted it to be a true break for them, and as much as I might not love it all the time, games and doughnuts are just what they’re into.  So they had a complete blast playing tons of games and enjoying sun drop and doughnuts for breakfast.   And, surprising even to myself,  I don’t regret that.  The break was good for us. ;)


At the end of the week, my side of the family came to Myrtle and we went to stay with them for a few days.  We floated down the lazy river, laid out while the kids swam (I haven’t said “laid out” since high school), played cards, read some more and had coffee out on the patio.  It was really lovely and I didn’t want to go home.





I’m back now, feeling like I could use another week, but so grateful for that chance to catch our breath.  I actually read 1 1/2 books while I was there and didn’t feel any real temptation at all to be online.  I thought that would feel weird but it didn’t.  It felt right.
The biggest impact our time away made on me is the reality that the pace I’ve set for myself in my daily life is not the pace where I thrive.  I need more than a vacation.  I need a much slower pace.  My brain is more clear, my priorities are more focused, my body is more rested, my anxiety lessens and I just enjoy the sweet moments so much more (maybe because I notice them?).
It was a sweet time and I’m thinking about ways I can incorporate that slower speed into life here.  I’m ready to thrive and not just survive, you know? And if you’re trying to do that too, tell me how! I’d love to hear about it.

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6 Responses to Time to slow down

  1. jussy says:

    oh girl. you are making me miss the dirty myrtle. we took a trip when we were still in the states with joel’s family and it was so what you are describing. as much as i have loved our travels here, i miss just sitting at the beach and playing in the ocean and PUTT PUTT!! lol. and just resting with people you love. so glad you got that, and very thoroughly enjoyed that!

  2. courtsnotes says:

    I’m so glad that you got to enjoy both sides of the family with such a refreshing week!! That is a beautiful thing!

  3. hahollander says:

    Oh yay, there’s Laura! (Love her!) How fun to run into friends when you are out of town! Looks like it was a blast all around! :)

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