Good morning friends!  Whether we’re ready or not, a fresh new spring week is here!


Let’s say hello!


Hello sparkling juice


IZZE Fortified Sparkling Juice

I know this is a random way to start, but it has been one of my favorite things lately! Zoe turned two this past weekend and we had a little garden party with our family.  I have fallen in love with these fresh little cans of carbonated juice as an alternative to the liquid candy that is soda so I brought them instead.  My local target had blackberry and clementine, but their store brand {Simple Balance, I think?} had other flavors like peach mango, cranberry cherry and grapefruit which were just as good.  They were on sale so they came to about .62 each.

Happy to have found a fun little treat for myself {afternoon pick-me-up} that I don’t feel guilty about.  Have you tried them before?


Goodbye busy, spring break week

2014-04-16_1397691746 2014-04-13_1397433346 2014-04-14_13975155892014-04-19_1397927147



The kids had a fantastic spring break and lets be honest…I’m happy because it makes me feel like I’m not completely failing over here…ha!  Monday night they saw Rio 2 with cousins, spent Tuesday with cousins and Grammie, Tuesday night we had dinner with friends, Wednesday they spent with Grammie, Wednesday night we saw the Charlotte Knights play uptown thanks to my sweet aunt gifting us with tickets, Thursday we met friends and played at Monkey Joes, Friday was spent with Nana, Friday night cousins came over, Saturday was Zoe’s birthday party and Sunday was beautiful Easter and their uncle’s birthday party!  Holy cow!


Not to worry….they’ve been getting plenty of sleep and down time too. :)


Hello weird weather



It was cold and gray here most of last week.  WHY???  {and can you say hello, happy light?}


Fittingly, yesterday it was bright, sunny and warming up in time for a beautiful Resurrection Sunday.


Hello fun work project


I was approached to be part of something really fun that could mean a LOT exposure for my little shop {we’ll see if I can handle that, I guess}.  I can’t wait to tell you about it but in the meantime here’s a big hint:


Eat More Dessert: More than 100 Simple-to-Make & Fun-to-Eat Baked Goods From the Baker to the Stars


No, I’m not baking or anything but it’s connected to this sweet book {see what I did there?} that launched earlier this month.

Hello down time



It was a pretty “on” week.  Even if I wasn’t moving around or running errands, my brain was going non-stop to the point that I was sleeping with my jaw clenched {a sure sign I’m feeling stress} and waking up with a headache.  I need down time and have been thinking about planning a personal day to just rest.  I have a gift certificate for a massage and facial that Josh gave me 3 years ago.  Time to cash that baby in.


How do you mentally rest?  I need some ideas!


Hello good news

i will give you rest



This song is repeat right now.  If you’re weary, go soak up that beautiful truth. A line I read from Jesus Calling recently said, “Remember that your ultimate goal is not to control or fix everything around you; it is to keep communing with Me.” I love that.


Hoping this week is full of beauty for you.  What are you saying hello to?

{affiliate links were used in this post so if you order from them, I’ll get like .03 or something.}

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{This is a post about goals and other things that make me twitch.  Pictures of my favorite things were added to calm us all down.}


rocking chairs and sweet tea

{sweet tea on the porch}

Did you know that I’m terrible at goals?  Did you know that I’m creative and visual and feel-y and rainbows and light….and not a fan of being bossed around?  Did you know that I’m quite idealistic sometimes and can vastly overestimate how much I’m able accomplish in a limited amount of time with a limited amount of energy? Did you know that I’m also a perfectionist to a fault so I’m all or nothing?

If you did, then you’re hired as my life coach {or fired for not telling me?!} starting now because apparently I didn’t when I set my goals this year.


Like I mentioned Monday, I recently took all those big, lofty goals I set in January and finally cut them down into smaller steps that became my weekly and daily goals.  I gave it my darndest for 2 days and crashed.  I had to call and get my best friend to talk me down.  I cried at the drop of a hat.  {Why in the world is a 34 year old woman still doing this to herself?}

ocean hammock

{hammock at the beach}

It was a classic perfectionist move, to be honest.  The Perfect You and the Now You duking it out in a bloody cage match.  You get really excited about what you’re going to accomplish, set a {laughably unrealistic} plan in motion, grit your teeth and push, push, push because this year is going to be different, dangit.  I could almost see it happening to myself as it was going on because this is not my first rodeo, people.  Goals and I have a long, ugly past.

And that’s when it hit me.  I’ve never had much success with goals because I’ve never gotten past this point.  This is where I quit.  That all or nothing thing?  I accelerate to nothing approximately now.  Some simple reevaluating and tweaking gets run over by the tracker trailer of guilt and defeat.

Can you relate? 

So I’ve been taking my time to get my head right….trying to bring my goals down to the ground where my feet actually are instead of where I want them to be.

Here were my April goals before:

april action steps


This makes me panic-y mainly because of where I am starting.  With most of those goals I’m starting from square one, meaning I don’t have that plan in place or I’m not currently doing that thing.  So to start from nothing {with the exception of exercise, some reading, working on the closet and a little meal planning…but not a lot of consistency in these things} and add all of that to my life in a month makes me need to lie down.  You see?

charleston alley

{Charleston Alley}

Here’s the revamp that feels MUCH more do-able by the end of the month:

revamped april goals

*RBBP = The Right-Brain Business Plan: A Creative, Visual Map for Success


The list may look the same length, but I tweaked it a lot to include wording that I don’t feel overwhelmed by.  I also know my tendency to want to get things checked off and I don’t want my time with the Lord to feel that way so I left it off.  I also took into account where I am currently and took the pressure off to have a completed after picture by the end of the month.

I’ll update at the end of the month how things went and share the goals for May but in the mean time I thought I would share a few posts that helped me carve out some breathing room….in the event that you get trapped by a perfectionist mentality like I do.

The Perfectionists Guide to Setting {Realistic} Goals 

{the most helpful.  she completely nailed my tendencies on the head.}


Setting {Realistic} Goals

{using the SMART approach is helping me a lot and many of the articles I read mentioned it}


Q&A: How do I Avoid Becoming Stressed and Overwhelmed with Goal-Setting?

{Money Saving Mom is a wealth of wisdom in this area}


The Surprising Power of Small, Stupid Goals

{short and smart read}


porch overlooking beach

{porch overlooking the ocean}


I hope a few of you might find this helpful and here’s to living right where our feet are planted {instead of where we want them to be}, giving grace to ourselves, tweaking when we need to and looking a pretty pictures when we start to hyperventilate. Who’s ready for that sweet tea now? :)

*affiliate link

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Oh my heavens, it’s the third week of April.  Spring is totally here now.



How about some hello’s?



Hello best launch ever


layered collage


You guys, last week was so great.  It was the best launch I’ve ever had and the one I put the least amount of time into promoting {which was really nice}.  I don’t know what that means, but it sure was fun.  The line almost sold out and I had to restock them in the shop several times.



It means so much to put something out there and have it so well received.  I’m looking forward to offering even more color options really soon. {hello, solids!}  ;)



Thank you.  Truly.



Goodbye stomach bug




Wanna know when 7-10 days feels like 13 years {you probably already do}?  When a stomach bug goes through your house.  The kids had it the first week {it gradually made it’s way through all 3} and it finally took me down last week.



It has felt so good to rejoin the land of the living after missing 2 straight weeks of church, running with my friends, dinner with other friends, community group, work and a few days of school we still have to make up.  Yuck.



Hello spring break




Sometimes that feels like “hello long week with all the kids at home,” but thankfully, thanks to my sweet mother-in-law for keeping the kids,  I will still have 2 work days so I can use the other days to actually have some fun with them.  We need that.



And no homestudy!  So yes….it will be a break.



What do you do with small kids on spring break {if you have to stay home}?  I need some ideas!



Hello TWO


Mommy and Zoe


I don’t want this to happen, y’all.  I have tried to keep her the littlest the longest and seeing my baby officially leave the last year of baby-ness is throwing me for a loop.



Is that how it always is with the youngest?  I just don’t want her to grow up.  At all.



But whether I like it or not, she will turn two {she says “twosies!” and wiggles her cute little fingers} so we will have a simple, sweet garden party for her {dirt cake!} with family and she is going to flat out love it.  I have to say….planning things for a little girl has been incredibly sweet.



Hello revisiting goals because I completely overwhelmed myself


Welp.  You know how I revisited all the goals {ALL THE GOALS} I made in January and cut them up into little steps that spread over the next few months?  I spent two days trying to live that out and then I took to my bed.  Emotional, defeated, overwhelmed.

Teary, I called my best friend who has been successfully setting goals for herself each year since we met when we were 18 and her response was pretty much, “um yes, that’s crazy.  you are trying to revamp everything in your entire life.  I would be overwhelmed too,” and then helped me breathe a little.  She told me a few ways I could go about making them more manageable so I got out my eraser and my powersheets and created some more white space.



Apparently, that’s one of my top 3 needs all the time now.  More white space.



They don’t feel quite as overwhelming now {though there’s more tweaking to do} and I’ll share them later this week, hopefully.




Now what about you?  I would LOVE to hear your hello’s!





I’m so excited about launching a new line today!!!


It fits perfectly with the fresh air and color that spring brings us and reflects a lot of my personal desire to simplify the process of choosing what to wear each day.

Each color has been carefully chosen and paired together to give you options and instant polish.


Wanna see?


layered necklaces 2


Each necklace feature two layers of chunky beads that are accented with just a touch of something special.


Then I added one solid necklace that is finished at the top with accent beads {more solids to come!}


Say hello to the new layered statement line!!!

pink layered collage

{pink statement necklace}


yellow layered collage

{yellow and gray statement necklace}


blue layered collage

{blue and gold statement necklace}


navy layered necklace

{navy and coral statement necklace}


green layered collage

{green and pink statement necklace}


Any Lilly Pulitzer fans out there? ;)


coral layered necklace

{coral and light blue statement necklace}


One of the main reasons I am so excited to release this line to you is because of how easy it would be to throw any of them on with a t shirt and jeans, with a sweet little sundress or a flowy bridesmaid dress.  They are easily dressed up or down.


Saturday at the farmers market
Saturday at the farmers market by happylittlelovelies featuring cropped jeans


Girlfriend lunch
Girlfriend lunch by happylittlelovelies featuring a gold bracelet


And because you’re such kind readers, I’m giving you 25% off any of these beauties for today.


{Use the code “layeredlove” at checkout.  This deal will expire tonight at 11:59pm est.}


I hope you like them, friends! Enjoy!


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It’s already here!  That darn new week gets here faster and faster every time, it seems.  Ready or not, right?


Let’s say some hello’s!


Hello action


action steps with power sheets


I wrote on instagram yesterday that a quarter of the year has already passed {!} and I didn’t feel like I have really lived out of intention the way I wanted to.  I know this is a discipline that takes time to hammer out so I’m giving myself grace…but also going back to the drawing board and finally writing down those small monthly {and even weekly} bites that will take me towards those things I wrote down in January.  For some reason, those little steps are the hardest for me to come up with.  I’m learning that I need deadlines.


For transparency and maybe a little accountability, I’ll share some of those action steps here soon and update you on how that’s going.


 You can tell me about how/if you’re being intentional too and why that’s working or not working for you too…I’m so interested!


Hello full April


Mommy and Zoe


This sweet month is brimming with a spring break {I just typed “spreak.” Clearly, I’m already tired.}, K5 registration for Manny, check up’s, dinners with out-of-town family, Easter celebrations, work projects and family birthdays, including that sweet girl up there.  Two, y’all.




So if you see me out in public in my pajamas, no bra, sporting 6 day old hair and make up, mumbling two words into one like it’s normal… don’t judge, ok?  Or judgen’t, as the case may be.


Hello closet progress


closet update 1.7 1 closet update 1.7 2


Are y’all loving the infinitely long closet project as much as I am?  I bet you are.


This little beast has thrown a few curve balls {like, NO walls are ever straight} coupled with the fact that we are doing a lot of this by hand the long way because we think the result will be better and save us dough {and again, by “we” I mean my sweet husband who is doing all the work and looking really cute doing it}.  Also, we are pretty much only working on Saturdays.


Yesterday, the goal was to trim out the walls to the back and sides of the desk with cork and peg board.  The problems that we ran into is that you can’t just hang that stuff right up flush with the wall because hooks can’t stick in the peg holes and thumb tacs will go right into the sheet rock.  So that added about 500 more steps and very hard math when it came to cutting the angles for the trim.


Did you know that math is required for making some things in this world look pretty?


My will to live just went down about 14 notches.


Hello iced coffee


iced coffee


We’re transitioning over here into iced coffee season.  Ever since these adorable mason jar tumblers came, we’ve had it every morning.


And this time every year there seems to be a lot of discussion about the best method to use for making this nectar of the gods.  I’ve done the cold brew method {essentially letting the grounds soak in cold water overnight} and thought it was fine.  We prefer the Japanese method now {brewing fresh coffee over ice}, but I can see the advantages to both.  This is sparking an idea for a future post.


Are you an iced coffee lover?  How do you do it?


Hello fresh lovely

Happy little lovelies spring line of necklaces

I’ve rolled out a few sneak peeks but Wednesday I get to show you what I’ve been working on!  This is always a fun and nerve wracking part of owning my own shop.


But seriously, y’all?  I’m going into this week with a lot of confidence simply because…


You’re going to love these.


I’m always looking to dress up staple tops and bottoms with big bursts of cute in my accessories.  That way, my clothes don’t have to carry all the weight.  Isn’t that easier?  We’re so busy and constantly moving so wouldn’t it be great if in less than a minute your plain t-shirt, jeans and flip flops could be transformed into something that expresses a sassy, fresh version of you?  Even if it’s just to run errands?


Accessories have the power to do that and I’m fine with having mainly quality staples in my wardrobe as long as I’m stocked with a few statement pieces of jewelry and cute nail polish.


My goal is to consistently offer those options to you…so stay tuned!


{and of course, if you’d prefer not to wait, you can always browse the shop here}


Your turn, friend!  What are you saying hello to this week?


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Some of you might already know that we are currently transforming our hall closet into a small workspace for me {you can read a lot more about that here and here}.

To recap really quickly, so far we have:


  • cleaned out the closet completely
  • taken down all the existing shelves
  • painted the walls
  • built and installed a floating wood desk and two matching shelves
  • installed a new light fixture
  • installed an electrical outlet

{and by “we” I mainly mean Josh.  I painted a little and gave directions. Oh, and pinned things.}.

The only things left are just organizing it, finding a few supplies to make it functional {like a chair} and hanging things on the walls.  Specifically:

  • trim out the wall between the desk and the shelf above it
  • extend it out to a section of the wall space to the sides of the desk
  • add cork board to the center wall
  • add peg board to one side section
  • decide on how to best use wall section on the other side {ideas?}
  • find finishes {lamp, chair and organizing bins/containers}
  • move supplies in


trimmed cork board

{we’ll add a trim section of cork board similar to this but with 3 sections instead of 2}

And then we’ll hang some pretty inspiration on the walls in the large collection of frames I’ve {ahem} accumulated.  I already know that the cork board will serve as a place to stick pictures that might have caught my eye as inspiration for new pieces, quotes/verses I want to remember and other little things that inspire me.  The peg board will have lots of little brass hooks to hold containers for supplies and also to hang necklaces on.


pegboard 2


And like I mentioned Monday, my palate for this space is aquas, natural wood, white and gold.  So I thought it would be kinda fun to share some of my inspiration for this space with you.  {You can see some of the inspiration for closet offices here.}


These just take to me a pretty, pretty place…

office inspiration



In all of them I love the clean, airy feeling, the sophisticated-but-not-stuffy vibe and all the feminine touches.  Not to mention, that any nod towards the sea sends me over the moon.


And while those give you the feel I love, the organization in these is fantastic and very similar to our set up…


organized desk space



And of course the finishes are like the sprinkles on top…


office finishes


All the pretty things!!!

So that’s the inspiration driving this particular little project around here.  I’m learning that sometimes returning to what inspired you in the beginning can help re-energize you in the middle phases. :)

Are you working on any fun projects these days?  Spring means paint dries a little faster so YAY for that!

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I’m happy to see a new week because surely that means that we are one week closer to beautiful spring weather, right?




Let’s say some hello’s!


Pour over coffee

{how I greet each day.  we looove our pour over in this house.}


Hello filling out my goal sheets…finally!


I ordered Lara Casey’s powersheets several months ago {I also went through her goal setting series at the beginning of the year…so good!} and spent a lot of time reflecting and thinking really carefully about my purpose, vision for my life, my legacy and all kinds of big picture things.  I even identified a few particulars that I want to be really intentional about this year… but I never sat down and wrote out the specific action steps I would take to get there.  That always seems to be where I get stuck.




That’s why I’m so thankful for these sheets because they are full of prompts and ideas to help you nail down those little steps along the way.  Although I’ve already been taking some of these steps in the past few months, this past week I sat down and started putting it all on paper.


And not just “I want to lose weight” or “I want to stick to a budget” kind of stuff.  I’m going deeper by asking questions like “why do I want to do {or not do} this?  how does it fit with my vision for my life?”  ”How am I going to do this?”  ”What are the little action steps I need to take?” “What will I regret if I don’t do this?”


It feels good to finally see a plan coming together on paper, even if it changes as I go.


Did you do some vision/goal casting in January?  How do you feel like it’s going? It can always be revisited, you know. :)


Hello office inspiration


gold dots



My favorite things in nature are the ocean and sunshine.  If given the opportunity to go on a completely free vacation, I would almost always pick a beautiful tropical place with turquoise waters, white sand and lush palm trees {aside from exploring Europe for the first time}.


That is my happy place.


So my color palate for the little quiet space we are carving out of a hall closet is ocean aquas, warm gold and crisp white… and there is a wealth of inspiration available.  I’ll share more later this week but for the time being, let your eyes linger here for a bit…


trunk bay 2

{Trunk Bay…one of the stops on our honeymoon.  source.}


Hello cute nails


I’ve learned that having pretty nails is right up there with having fresh flowers in the house for me.  Seeing something pretty multiple times during the day raises my happy level at least 3.5 notches.  {It’s very exact like that.}


I went to a jamberry party at my mother-in-law’s and, after talking to her and several other people who love them, I ordered a few sheets {if you’re unfamiliar, they are wraps that stick to your nail when you activate the adhesive with heat like from a hair dryer. They always have a buy 3, get 1 free deal too.}.


Jamberryjamberry dots


There was a little learning curve at first with putting them on, but they weren’t hard and after almost a week of wearing the same ones, they’re holding up great!  It turns out, 3.5 levels of happy can be bought. :)


Hello putting on my business big girl panties


I’m embarrassed at how long it has taken me but I’m ready.  I’m dreaming in new ways right now about what the possibilities could be for me owning my business and the excitement is driving my desire to learn more about the business side of things.


{PS…welcome to my first affiliate link ever. You can click on the book and if you order it, I will get like .03 or something. Here’s to getting rich blogging! Ha!}
{You know I’m kidding, right?}
I started working through this book because stuffy lingo and spreadsheets make me twitch, and Josh and I find ourselves having “what if we…” conversations that keep us jotting down notes, drawing sketches and smiling at each other. :)


Looking forward to sharing some of that journey with you!


And hello tiny sneak peek!


Happy Little Lovelies

Happy Little Lovelies pink and aqua necklace


New lovelies are coming to the shop soon and different from anything we’ve done before. Really fun and exciting!


So what are you saying hello to this week?


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 These days it feels like the weeks are racing by.  Maybe it’s the time change and my brain still trying to keep up with what time it is?


Let’s say hello to this new week that’s running full force at us!


Hello pretty flowers! 


Daffodilsicy trees


It’s crazy to me that the trees can be covered in ice and my sweet little daffodils are still blooming away at my mailbox.  Bless them.  They are bringing me so much happiness right now.  Sometimes, bringing the flowers inside is profoundly helpful and good.


Hello sweet ones



my mini-meManny peanut butter play doughfirst breakfast all together

{this is the very first time Zoe ate breakfast at the big table with her brothers.  it was precious}


Of course we have all the normal hard moments that a family with a 7, 5 and almost 2 year old have, but there have been a lot of sweet moments too.


 Like catching my little girl wearing my very favorite scarf, holding my keys and trying to unlock the front door just like mommy does every day {melt}, making Manny his very favorite peanut butter play dough…a HUGE hit around here…and him being extra affectionate with me in general lately and pulling out Isaiah’s top tooth when he showed me how he could twist it all the way around with his tongue {ew}.  He was soooo excited. :)


Isaiah lost tooth



Hello closet-office update


closet office update


There will be a more detailed post on this later but Josh has been working hard the last couple of Saturdays on this little space for me.  We realized that we couldn’t fit anything on the top shelf that used to be in there because of how deep it was and how big the light fixture is.  So he took those 2 shelves down, bought more wood and made me 2 more shelves including the supports.  He spent a long time making sure all the edges were rounded just right and even added that rounded piece right under my desk to make it look more finished.


Details like that aren’t always what catch our attention, but they take a lot of work and you definitely notice when they’re not there.  I’m so thankful for that man.

There’s more to do, but it’s mostly decorative at this point.


Hello work


Happy Little Lovelies


Still busy and wedding season is upon us.  I looove my job, have I mentioned that?  And as much as I love what I’m doing right now, the dreamer in me has about 3 other ideas I’m toying with.  I blame those other dreamers I talk to or read.  They are dangerous. :)


Me and Zoe

{silly girls}


Hello munchies


Parmesan Garlic Roasted Chick Peas


If you read my post from last week, you know I’m in a cooking rut.  That hasn’t really changed, but I thought I share the few recipes that I’ve tried and enjoyed lately.


We buy our beef from a local farm that raises its cattle in a pasture and on a grass diet.  It’s a wonderful gift to be able to do that, but it also means that we have so much red meat.  I don’t buy other meat near as much because we invest in really good quality beef, but I find myself craving vegetarian, fish and seafood a lot.


This week, I tried this Parmesan crusted tilapia recipe.  Granted, her pictures aren’t great, but the end result was really good.  Even the boys liked it so there’s that.


Parmesan Garlic Roasted Chickpeas.  {Clearly, I had a thing for the parm and you already know my love for the roasted chickpeas} These were really, really good.  One small tweak I’d recommend is to either cut the salt by half or take it out completely.  Parm is so salty anyway, I thought the additional salt was unnecessary.


Sweet potato kale hash.  We love a good hash over here so when I saw this recipe, I pretty much knew we would like it.  Bonus: we have a lot of leafy greens and the sweet potatoes just help them go down a little better sometimes.  Simple and really healthy.


So here’s to trying a few more recipes this week!  What have you been enjoying lately?


And what are YOU saying hello to?


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I like new weeks.  There’s something so optimistic and clean about greeting a brand new set of 7 days.  Wanna say hello with me?


Hello ____

I’m drawing a blank.  It looks like a really “normal” week (whatever that means)!  Nothing really sticking out to me so hello normal. 


Hello progress

Yesterday, my sweet husband worked for hours crafting shelves and supports… cutting and sanding the wood and rounding the edges by hand…for my office/closet.  Or cloffice.  He has splinters so deep in his hands, he says they will have to “work themselves out.”




But I might get to show you some updates soon.  {wink, wink}


Hello parenting exhaustion

So, it turns out….when you intentionally simplify and slow things down a bit, you start to really see the things that were needing attention before and weren’t getting it.  Kinda like living out of your suitcase for months and then finally taking a good look around at the layers of dust that have settled.


I’m not saying that I wasn’t parenting before or that I was never engaged.  I’m saying that, in a general sense, I just wasn’t as present the way I want to be.


Now, I feel like I’m picking up the pieces a little.  Part of being more engaged is completely joyful.   I’m saying “yes” more {so my “no’s” are more intentional and thoughtful right now}.  My lap is full a lot.  I’m reading lots of books and playing games.  There’s howling loud laughter in our house, lots of praise and hugs and kisses and tickling… and very real conversations with our kids about their hearts.


But there’s also a lot of re-training and reminding of good standards we have set that have been too loosely regarded.   Aaaand we’re seeing the need for more grace in our house.  Grace from parent to parent.  Grace from parents to kids.  Grace from kid to kid.   That’s the exhausting part.  It’s so darn easy to just teach and demand the performance you expect.


It’s debilitating to try to live up to and doesn’t reflect the Gospel at all.  I don’t want that for our kids.


{Ps…have any of you read “Give Them Grace“?  I’m curious about it.}


Hello new recipes

I’M READY FOR SPRING, DANGIT.  Did you know they’re calling for a “wintry mix” tonight here in NC?




Start baking cookies to take to your friend in the “special place” with padded walls. Spring is having to pry winter’s cold dead fingers off of us and I am not faring well.


I’m soooo tired of roasts.    And chili.   And beans.    And stews.   And meatloaf.


I’m ready for iced coffee’s and strawberries and grilled pizza and fresh pesto, you know?!


I think I need to start trying some new recipes to get out of this rut.  Thankfully, spring is rightaroundthecorner.  THREE.  MORE.  DAYS.


SO. Whatcha got for me? Do you have any fresh, new eats to share with me?  I’m fragile, you know.  My sanity depends one hundred percent on whether or not you share a good recipe with me today.


Let’s let that sink in for a minute, mkay?


{until then, my family is going to have these for dinner every night this week}


lemon bars


Hello Radiant Orchid

{said with snobbery and attitude}


Now that I’m all worked up and on a roll, I would like to say that I feel Pantone is sooo bossy.  
First of all.  WHO ARE THEY?


Why do they get to decide what is The Color of the Year?


How come everyone lets them be the boss?


radiant orchid



Perhaps I’m a little bitter because the last two years they have picked my 2 least favorite colors:  dark green {Emerald} and purple {Radiant Orchid}.  Apparently, dark green and purple need fancier names to make them sound worthy of Pantone’s choosing.


And I’m sure I’m ruffling feathers because some of you really love those two colors and I can see that.  They’re not bad.  I’m just not drawn to them naturally, that’s all.


However, being a shop owner {in the fashion world, at that}, there’s some strategy in listening to the Almighty Pantone as much as it pains me.  So I’ve been stretching myself and will be releasing 3 new pieces {one statement necklace, one rosette beaded necklace and one mini} in the shop this week that will hopefully be welcomed by Radiant Orchid enthusiasts.


This is a bad picture {and therefore, terrible strategy} but you can sneak a peek at them here.


Ok, I’m done with all the yelling now. What are you saying hello to this week? {Don’t forget that recipe!}







Sweet friends, I want you to know right off the bat that I miss this place.  I think of you often.  Thank you for giving me the space I need and still coming back when I do need to write.


I wanted to share a few things I’m learning in this space, if that’s ok.


Thoughts are a little hard to string together these days, but I don’t think that’s bad.  I’m just processing.
Having your heart and mind and body start to catch up with one another takes some time.


open space



 In a lot of ways, my internal processor slowed down when we lost our baby.  The tears, even now, still come quickly when I type that.  I’m learning that much of this slower time is me still working through that loss.
 My due date falls at the end of this month.  How can 7 months feel like yesterday?  
Grief is on it’s own time table and, as much as you want to hurry it along, you can’t control it.


And it’s a great teacher.  I’m learning that I’m much more introverted than I thought.  I crave quiet and solitude more than I ever have.  Social gatherings, while I really enjoy them, take a lot out of me.  Tv and media, with it’s images flying across the screen at me and it’s demand that I respond right now! feels overwhelming.  In fact, pretty much any request for me to make a quick decision {especially a logistical, time-sensitive one} feels incredibly difficult. I need a while to process through what I’m thinking and feeling now.  


And oh how I am enjoying this slower pace.   What a deep breath it has been.  I feel like parts of me have been begging for it for so long like water in the desert of  technology, busyness and the to-do lists.  I ignored those aching parts of me or tried to find a way around them or even tried to fix them but with a band-aid.  Do you do this too?   After awhile, it catches up with you.


fresh air



Looking back at posts like Depleted and Learning How to Rest, Rambling Thoughts from a Quiet Morning, this Hello Monday post and Straining Not to Strain, it’s easy to see the process I’ve been in….that I sometimes tried to tip-toe past like a sleeping giant, hoping it wouldn’t wake up and catch me in the act.


Running on the fumes of busyness only takes you so far.  I give up now.  I need what I need.  The strain was toying with the one fraying thread I felt was keeping me upright.


I love this quote from Emily in A Million Little Ways so much:


emily quote 1


That can seem depressing, for sure…. but {but!} then you might catch a few measures of the haunting, magical and layered symphonic masterpiece that is being made of your life, beautifully ringing in the distance.  It may have more suspensions and unresolved chords than you ever dared to write {good thing you’re not writing it, huh?}.  It doesn’t follow the rules you’ve been taught.  And there is dissonance, for sure.


But it’s so much more enchanting and exquisite than you ever could have imagined.  It’s from another world.  


Just like you.


I hear echos of it sometimes.  I see it in the bright ocean-blue eyes of my husband and 3 babies that are here with me.  I hear it in their happy boy laughter.  The sunshine bouncing off her little curls. His arms that wrap around me.


And she writes this:


emily quote 2


And so here I am. Maybe you’re here too. In this middle. This rest between two notes. This pause. Breathing it in. Finally accepting it. There is no pretty bow to tie everything up in. It doesn’t all make sense and this isn’t the end of the story.
And though the questions and brokenness and pain are still very real, something very good is happening here. There is movement. And there is rest.

Such sweet balm for my soul.  And, wherever you are, friend, whatever you’re walking through…I hope it is for you too.  Thanks for letting me process with you a bit.



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