June Goals Update and July Goals


Can you believe that June has already come and gone?  I’m a little shocked.  Summer comes soooo slowly and then just whizzes by, doesn’t it?



Well, let’s get to it then!  This is my monthly come-clean session on the goals I’ve set for myself.  In January I set out to make this a year of intention.  I’m weary of wanting and desiring results but not acting on it in an intentional way.  I set the goals and got really serious about them in April.   {I know.  I’m slow.}  You can see what happened in April, May and June.

So here we are, almost half way through the year and I’ve set July up to be an evaluation month.  I’ll still set goals, but I’ll take more time to really go over the last few months, take inventory of what went well and what didn’t and then make a plan going  forward.
Whew.  Ok…so here’s how June went:

updated june goals



One time goals:
– yard sale — that dang yard sale!  Gah!
– file taxes — we set the appointment and we’re doing it this morning!
– switch insurance — I started this process until I realized that the initial monthly withdrawal was more than we could do so I’m putting it off until we get our tax refund.
– launch new line —  I did!  You can see The Getaway Collection here.
– edit kitchen/purge buffet — Done and done.  Post coming soon on that.


Ongoing goals:
– wake up at 6am — maybe once or twice BUT the goal was to have some quiet time and I still got that several times a week.
– plan easy lunches — I didn’t do this at all.   It’s been a sandwich and chips month.
– stop working at 5pm —  This went well!
– social media curfew at 8:30pm — This went pretty well too.
– read a fun book — Yes!  I read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and loved it!  Great book.  Now I’m half way through Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire.  That is one big book.
– 3 desserts a week — Eh.  I’d say I stuck to this half of the time and the other time I didn’t pay much attention.  Vacation meant this got poo-pooed.
– move 3 times a week — Yeah, probably half of the month was really great.  Then we went on vacation and I’m trying to get back to it this week.  The good news is that my clothes are looser and I’m noticing a difference. :)
– pursue collaboration with 5 bloggers/small biz owners —  Does posting to the Influence Network forums count?  Cause I did that yesterday, but I haven’t emailed anyone.  Thankfully, I just joined a mastermind group that should be starting up soon so those are built in contacts as well.  If that doesn’t pick up soon, I’ll take to the scary direct emailing.
– save $100 — I did it…but….we also had a lot of extra expenses this month and I haven’t been disciplined like I need to be.  So the money was moved to savings, but in actuality, the other expenses did more damage than that little bit helped.  This is revealing a lot of funk in my heart about money.  I’m asking the Lord to help me deal with it and it will be something I look at closely as I reevaluate.

So onto my goals for July:

july goals


{I’m continuing on with trying to move 3 times a week and eat good food regularly.  My hope is that they would gradually just become part of my normal routine that I don’t have to think about so hard so they aren’t listed.}

I feel a slight shift in my heart this month of we’ve been working hard for a few months plugging away at making this home run, our finances run, the shop run, my body run.  But it’s time to live.   I want to be able to write and encourage you sweet friends out of overflow of life.  Dreams and goals and just grinding it out certainly are important and necessary, yes.  Most of us don’t need to be told that.

 Sometimes we need to be told to get out there and live a free and creative life that glorifies our free and creative Maker.  And that’s what I want to encourage you to do.

What good is it to only plan to be free in the future and set things up to be life-giving later?  We’re not guaranteed that.  I have all the abundant life I can handle because of Christ and I want to live like that today.  So scattered among the monotonous like switching insurance providers, some of my goals this month are simply to leave my house and connect with other people.  Get to know them, their kids, their hearts.  Have people in my home.  Plan fun outings with my kids.  Chuck the project list and go exploring on a Saturday.  Put down my work and play a game of Chutes and Ladders.



The business strategy goes on.  Dealing with my funky heart about finances needs to happen.  I’ll keep battling my dinner time burnout, and hopefully I’ll continue to yell at Jillian on my tv because I’m letting her torture me.

But I hope I lighten up a little and have some fun too.  I hope I love and connect deeply.  I hope I drink in His love for me.  I hope I do something adventurous and new.  I hope I live in a way that makes me giddy to tell you about it.

And I hope your July looks like that too, friend.
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8 Responses to June Goals Update and July Goals

  1. justine says:

    love this. i have the opposite problem-we are all about survival these days, and most of my to-do list never gets done. you have inspired ME to be a little more…..productive!

    • Dana says:

      Girl, I hear you. Those seasons switch almost monthly for us and I think having little ones plus one on the way means that surviving is you doing a great job. ;)

  2. dana says:

    Thanks for sharing your goals. They inspire me. I was reading this as my boys asked to go for a bike ride. My first response was to say “after my list is done.” But I shut my mouth, rearranged my schedule in my head and said, “yes, let’s go!” That accomplishes a couple things – I move AND I’m with my boys. Score!

    • Dana says:

      Good for you, Dana! That encourages me soooo much. It’s one thing to write about and it’s another thing to take a deep breath and engage. YOU inspire me!

  3. Heather says:

    As always- I’m inspired again! : ) Your words about living well reminds me of what I read on Ann Voskamp’s site yesterday- a quote from Mary Oliver: “Instructions for Living a Life: 1. Pay Attention, 2. Be astonished, 3. Tell about it.” Sounds like you are on the right track! Keep on sharing! And the finance thing… I hear ya! Also awesome that you’ve joined a mastermind group! And even though I’m only starting out in building my slipcover/vintage/redesign business, I’d be glad to collaborate with you ; ) Although I would be the little fish in the big pond right now! The asking thing is scary – you’re not alone there girl! But I know there are nice people out there! (gosh I just noticed I use a lot of !!’s…)
    Anyway, have a wonderful rest of your Wednesday! ~♥~

  4. Andrea says:

    Such a great post!! Thank you :)

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