Five Things on Friday: summer hair


 I’m calling it The Summer of the Bobby Pin.


My hair has grown out since last year’s inverted bob and, though, I’m in dire need of a cut to get the dead ends off, it’s finally long enough to get off the back of my neck.


I need simple, quick and cute.  And preferably styles I can wear with curly and straight hair {because the flat iron + summer = heat rage in my bathroom}.


Here are my five favorite summer do’s from the interwebs:


1.  The messy bun {duh}.





It just doesn’t get easier than this.  It’s basically the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning before getting out of bed to use the bathroom.  I’ve never been much of a head scarf girl but that chick is rocking it.  Might need to try it.


2. Messy bun with a braided wrap


messy bun



I love everything Kate does.  Even though this does look slightly intimidating, she says it’s a 3 step process.  The fact that she has videos with most of her hair tutorials endears me to her even more.


3. Half up twist





This whole blog is adorable and there are short styles as well that were really cute.  I’m definitely going to be trying that first little do up there.


4. Twisted pony





Her post shows 10 ways to wear a ponytail and this is my favorite.   Just a couple extra minutes takes a plain pony to a breezy, eye-catching summer do.  Love it.


5. Bronde!!!





Ok so it’s not an updo, but SO PRETTY.  It’s about 3-4 shades lighter than my natural hair color, but it looks like something you could ease yourself into.  Now I just need her tan. ;)


What are you doing with your hair these days?


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  1. courtsnotes says:

    Hello!!! I love to french braid my hair, when its wet at night and sleep on it!!!! I do two french braids, damp hair, along my natural part. Then I spray with some beach spray, or seasalt spray. Sleep and shake it out in the morning. For a fun addition, I flat iron the ends of my hair! It makes the mornings much easier!

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