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New girl’s lovelies are in the shop just in time for Valentine’s Day!    I’m so excited about these little cuties!


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 {red hearts mini}


They are basically a mini version of my rosette beaded necklaces.  Perfect just for her.


IMG_2843 IMG_2845 IMG_2846 IMG_2848

{light pink hearts mini}


I’m working on expanding my girl’s section to include more of these mini’s, but did you know that you can order any of my adult rosette necklaces in a mini version?  How cute is that?  Mommy and me matching necklaces!


{mama’s custom order them all the time!}


IMG_2855 IMG_2858 IMG_2857

{multi navy mini}


And one more fun thing.  I just added this very special listing….


Pick Your Own Colors Mini


For the first time, you can simply go and select your fabric color and bead color from a drop down menu!  You pick out the exact color of rosette and beads you want to order and I’ll get right on it!


Or better yet, let her pick them.





Perfect for Valentine’s Day, perfect for birthdays and perfect just because she’s stolen your heart. :)


Happy weekend!


{for the record, I do not recommend these for toddlers :) }


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  1. Jessica T says:

    These are precious! Love the idea of customizing too

  2. Caitlin says:

    Love these! I definitely hope to pick a couple up for some of my nieces and cousins. Cute new blog profile pic above…just noticed it today.

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