Depleted and learning how to rest



{Don’t be alarmed, but I’m going to change the tone for a minute.}


I feel depleted as I type right now.  Physically tired?  Maybe a little, but mainly depleted of patience, grace, tenderness, control over my emotions.  I feel that I reach the end of myself daily right now.  That every drop of good that could ever come out of me is wrung out within the first few hours of the day and I’m sooo grateful for the day’s end.


{Just in the last couple of days my daughter has flung poop out of the bathtub and onto the floor –my poor husband cleaned it up, taken my mascara and “painted” the couch, stepped on a pumpkin cookie and ground it into the carpet, dumped a bowl of yogurt with honey on top of her head, bit me hard on the outer thigh, stood up on the kitchen table… and then stepped onto her high chair tray and I could go on.  Please don’t judge me.  She’s precious and happy, but she needs her own one-on-one assistant so I can, you know, use the bathroom.}


Doesn’t that sound terrible?  It does to me too and I don’t really mean it to all come out this way because my life is full of beauty.  A more-precious-than-diamonds family, a job I love, a lot of creature comforts, a Jesus who saved me and carries me.


And yet, this is where I’m at.


My sister-in-law reminded me today of the transition we’ve gone through this past year.  When I think about it… it’s a lot.  My husband completely changed careers, we put Isaiah in a new school that involves 2 days a week of homeschool and Zoe went from a easy, crawling baby to a beautiful, but holy terror of a toddler {not in an angry, aggressive way, but more of a Destroyer of All Nice Things kind of way}.


So when I started thinking about my vision for this year, the words “self care” kept coming to my mind.  I hadn’t even read all the bloggers talking about it yet.  I just knew that I need to care for myself more.  And when I say that, I’m not talking about weekly spa treatments and Starbucks.


I’m talking about taking a good, long look at how God has made me to function at my best….and then walk with Him towards those things.   I want to pay better attention to my blueprint, if that makes sense.




Parenting feels like a vacuum sometimes…. unending needs sucking the life energy right out of you.  Marriage requires a lot of getting your hands dirty kind of work.  Add to that the rip current of cultural trends and social media and blog stats and shop analytics and “5 minute” projects and The Most Delicious Recipe Ever and brilliantly-written posts and even my perceptions of the bloggers I read…and they can start a slow process of total bankruptcy, leaving me hyped up and red-eyed on information and distractions  and ideas…


…and achingly bone dry of the cool refreshment my soul is begging for.


And this verse comes to mind:


“…for my people have committed two evils: they have forsaken me, the fountain of living waters, and hewed out cisterns for themselves, broken cisterns that can hold no water.”

 – Jer 2:13 {emphasis mine}


pineapple fountain


Nothing sounds better to me right now than to get utterly drenched, lapping it up in The Fountain of Living Waters.


So I’m asking the Lord to teach me about His rest.  And I’m asking Him to teach me how to rest.  Even when it’s not restful.


On the practical side, I really got a lot out of this post from The Tiny Twig called Mother Yourself.  And this one from Naptime Diaries called 5 Reasons Mamas Don’t Take Care of Themselves {she also has a series on practical ways to be refreshed that I’m looking forward to diving into}.  And this one from Tsh called Productivity and Quality Down Time: They Go Hand in Hand.


I feel like I need wise friends to share with me how they care for themselves.  What about you?  Isn’t that so helpful?


For me {and I’m still learning} here are a few things that help me be and feel my best:


–time with Jesus

{It’s really not a Sunday school answer….I’m amazed how many times I try to get around this one and it’s the one thing that calms me down the most}


make my body work hard

{I get the BEST sleep after a good work out and the endorphins are really good too}


–enforced quiet time

{This is an hour or so in the afternoon that I make all the kids either nap or do something quiet. We turn off the noise and the house is quiet.  It saves my sanity if I can remember to do it.}


–getting out of my house and in nature

{I’m a slow learner, but I think I need to pay more attention to this.  When we leave the house to either drive around or go for a walk, it’s like hitting the “reset” button.  I need sunshine and fresh air and new scenery.  And a cheerwine doesn’t hurt either.}


–regular times out of the house without kids

{either a date night or meeting a friend or a weekend away.  just once or twice a month.  it can make me feel like I went on a mini-vacation.}


–singular “tasks”

{what I mean by this is setting time aside to only do one enjoyable thing.  like snuggling in to just read a book or watch a movie beginning to end or work on a craft project…all without scrolling on my phone or half reading a blog post or checking email or folding laundry.  just do one thing.}


–paint my nails

{I know that’s a small thing but it seriously makes me feel like a new person.}


Would you share with me what refreshes you?  Maybe we can give each other new ideas to try?


50 ways to take a break



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favorite things giveaway


Hope you find your soul refreshed in a meaningful way this weekend, friends.  Go take good care of you!


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3 Responses to Depleted and learning how to rest

  1. dana says:

    Wow. That all sounds very familiar to me…even Jer. 2:13. My word for the year is s.l.o.w. I prayed for something to really focus on and the answer has been to meditate on the great love of God. The last couple weeks of Ann Voskamp’s blog have been really restorative to me. This said it really well too –
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Caitlin says:

    I’ve recently went through a similar season (although it actually lasted several seasons…ahem). Thanks for sharing about this as it does seem to be very normal, but not always talked about in person to person contact. Giving yourself permission to not force things to happen is definitely a good practice in the self-care area. I think it’s hardest to tame for me when I start comparing myself to others (ie. other mothers, other wives, other friends, other sisters) and having the pressure of feeling like I need to do more or be more perfect. Through yoga, with my amazing yoga teacher, I have started to learn how to listen to my entire body, mind, and soul and what it needs and, BOY, do my days flow more smoothly! Just listen and be. :)

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